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🇬🇧 Hi there, english readers! 🇬🇧

I don’t have a full website translated in english but here’s a good recap page of what VERA is all about (hint: cycling caps).
And if you have ANY question I’m available at celine@veracycling.fr

custom cycling caps hand made in france

Custom cycling caps by VERA 🧢

High quality cycling caps with retro, sporty, witty & original designs.

All the « GAPETTES » are handmade in north of France, next to Roubaix, ? home of the infernal cobbles ? and lovely bricks ❤️

Discover VERA’s cycling caps designs for men, women and kids along with musettes and neck warmers.

Create your own custom cycling caps
with VERA 🇫🇷

Since 2016 Vera Cycling creates custom made quality cycling caps along with other accessories for cyclists.

Great news, you’ll finally be able to create your own custom cycling caps. Indeed, Vera Cycling offers services you won’t find anywhere else:

➜ tiny/small quantities
➜ lasting products
➜ hand made in France
➜ and for all head sizes

With a unique choice of shapes, fabrics and more…

You’ll find more details to start your custom project below.

Casquettes vélo personnalisées en petite quantité, custom cycling caps


Vera Cycling works especially on mini and small series. So great news, you’ll finally be able to create your own custom cycling caps.

Customization starts from 1 piece, yep that’s right! You can also order 3, 8, 17, 66 or more. Whatever the number, it does not have to be round. I just I don’t create half caps 😉

Casquettes vélo personnalisées à vos couleurs, custom cycling caps


Here too, great news! You can print any color or logo without any limit of number and for the same price.

Thanks to the sublimation printing technology I can print any pattern, gradient or even photo. Anything is possible as long as it is in the limit of good taste. 😉

Made in France 🇫🇷

Since 2016 Vera Cycling creates quality cycling caps assembled in north of France, within 60km around Roubaix.

Crafted by hand the cycling caps are lasting and quality accessories.

Production time: from 4 to 6 weeks depending on quantity and internal schedule.

Custom caps options

With all these options you’ll have TAILORED and very UNIQUE cycling caps.

Looking for vintage cycling caps or more sporty ones?

You can pick from various shapes, fabrics, sizes and designs. You’re holding all cards to create cycling caps that look like you.

custom cycling caps shapes


Vera Cycling currently offers 3 different cycling caps shapes for custom projects. Classic, retro and something special for winter times.

And you can also customize more cycling accessoriez such as musettes and neckwarmers.

custom cycling caps fabrics


You can have your design printed on 4 fabrics that offer different looks and properties.

Technical, silky, vintage, satin, pick from these depending on the style you’re looking for.

cool custom cycling caps

The cherry on ze cake

For ultra-customization, you can even add your name or nickname or whatever on your cap.

Casquettes vélo personnalisées grande taille, custom cycling caps


Big head or tiny bird head we all deserve custom cycling caps!

That’s why VERA offers you the possibility to have your custom design in any size.

custom cycling caps design


2 possibilities:

– You create your own design in my template. I’ll happily send it to you if you ask kinldy 🙂
– Vera creates your design: a simple customization with color and logo placement or something more elaborated and unique.

Get your PDF with all the custom cycling hats options 📄

Leave you name and email address and receive a detailed PDF document in with all the custom options offered by Vera Cycling.


Custom projects for cycling events, teams, companies and individuals.

Here’s a selection of great projects made by Vera Cycling.

Casquettes vélo personnalisées French Divide, custom cycling caps
custom cycling caps for a french cycling magazine
custom cycling hat
custom cycling caps for paris roubaix
yellow custom cycling hat
custom cycling caps fast design
custom gravel cycling hat

This page is in french only, but photos speak no language 😉

They are proudly wearing their VERA cycling caps

They are proudly wearing their VERA cycling caps

What the "gapette lovers" think of VERA

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    If you are interested in displaying a name or nickname on the cap.
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